Customized Service Robot + 3D Navigation Solutions

L2 IoT Solutions Limited is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to boost the potential use of a space and empower customer engagement for space owners.

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3D Mapping & Navigation

We can create 3D digital twin for any indoor and outdoor space. Our unique 3D navigation service makes it much easier to locate a place. Various location-ware applications can also be built in the 3D space.

Customized Service Robot

We can help you design user interface and program the service feature to satisfy your business needs.

Deep Integrated Total Solutions

From front-end interface to back-end support, we provide total solutions including software and hardware integrations aiming to enhance user experience.

3D Mapping with Matterport & BLK360

Our infrastructure-free 3D navigation technology is helping visitors in large space find desired locations easier. Building a 3D digital twin also enables a great opportunity for online interaction with the audience. Location-based services can be built to create a unique visiting experience in a virtual tour. The navigation work well in both indoor and outdoor environment.

Pop Up Promotion on 3D Map

Integrate physical environment with with VR technology. Provide useful information and promotion for visitors right on the spot.

Portable Map and Virtual Guide

Finding a location among dozens of options can be challenging, with Parie support, you can arrange your locations like your directory, but with a personal guide.

Try with Temi

Our Service Robot


Acquire customers with innovative attraction. Integrate your branding and service into Temi.


Integrate Temi with your security system. Detect abnormal activities and send to your control room .


Multimedia advertisement anywhere; information is more accessible.


  • Create 3D virtual tour
  • Customize service robot
  • Empower customer engagement
  • Integrate with customer service
  • Provide virtual guide in 3D space


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